Batch File – What is it? How to Create, Edit & Run?

What is a Batch File? A batch file is just a text file (with .bat extension) that contains a sequence of commands for a system. When you run a batch file, the commands written in it are executed in the Command prompt serially. A batch file does the work of a mediator between user & the command prompt by executing commands serially…

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Indian market scenes – Open Markets or Sabzi Mandis

I have vivid memories of me & my father going for morning or evening walks, collecting a long list of vegetables as ordered by my Mother. I remember my father examining vegetables & occasionally smelling to get the best of the lot. It felt good to see people around doing the same thing, picking up the best vegetables & better…

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Mark Twain

Death Prophecy: How are Mark Twain & Halley’s comet related?

Who is Mark Twain? Samuel Langhorne Clemens, popularly known by his pen name Mark Twain, is an American writer. His stories & novels are famous for their humor, vivid descriptions & memorable characters. His best-known works include The Adventures of huckleberry Finn & The Adventures of Tom Sayer. Halley’s Comet & Death Prophecy

FAQs, Phenomena

Difference between Weather & Climate

Weather & Climate basically refer to how the atmosphere behaves over a period of time. This period of time is what differentiates weather from climate. Weather is the behavior of the atmosphere tracked over relatively smaller time periods like minutes, hours, days. For example: thunderstorms on a hot, sunny day. Weather forecasts are made by collecting data about the current…

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Human Body

Motion Sickness: What is it & Why do people get it?

What is Motion Sickness? Motion sickness is the sense of unease you feel when the motion sensed by the inner ears is different from the motion sensed by the eyes. Most people experience motion sickness while traveling (car,bus,plane,boat) or in a roller coaster. The sense of unease gradually progresses to dizziness & nausea.


Why does Ice float on water & stone doesn’t ?

Many of us at some point in our lives must have wondered: Why does ice float on water? Why doesn’t a stone? It’s common knowledge that solids are denser than their liquid counterparts. Then why? To understand better, lets break the question into two parts: Why does an object float on water? Something floats if it is comparatively less dense than the other…

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Cyanophyta: About the photosynthetic bacteria

What are Cyanophyta? Cyanophyta or Cyanobacteria are a group of photosynthetic bacteria. They obtain their energy & manufacture their own food through photosynthesis. In the process, they release oxygen as a by-product. They are mostly aquatic. They thrive in moist soils & water. They are microscopic & are usually unicellular. They are one of the largest & oldest group of…

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